And in the case of big  pride males there’s only 3 thousand of them left.

Three thousand breeding males . There’s twenty thousand lions left in the wild. Most females and cubs.  Killing a male greatly reduces genetic deversity because any cubs he has fathered are driven off or killed by a imcoming male.

The best part of this post is that they really are big kitties. One day at Animal Kingdom a blimp was flying overhead and they were all freaking out.

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Hi, I was wondering if you could help me. I am looking for lifelike mouse figurines and am only finding gag ones or stuffed animals. I need it for a museum exhibit about infestations and I'm not having much luck. I would love it if you could get back to me.

Hi hi, sure thing! This one by Safari Ltd is my favorite as it’s quite big. It’s one of my favorites of all the replicas I own. 

Schleich made this little rat, now retired, so I don’t know where you can find it (other than eBay) but here is the link to what it looks like.

Here is a link to a retired Schleich set that includes the little rat above but it’s expensive.

There is a white mouse by Schleich that looks almost the same as the Safari one and is easy to find if you search on Google or Amazon. And, you can get the Safari one in many different sizes.

Finally I also found this Bullyland white rat on eBay.

That is all I could find. I guess there aren’t that many! Hope it helps bit, maybe someone else can make a suggestion of a brand I am not as familiar? I could not find any CollectA or Papo ratties… Followers?

Asked on Tuesday 18 June by Anonymous with 1 note.
helloo :) just thought I'd declare that at the grand old age of 18 I still love to collect schleich horses, though as I still live at home (uni next year) mail order isn't an option so going out to buy more is a bit of a covert operation >.< I've only bought one model in the last year. that's how difficult it is. it makes me a bit ashamed that I still love to buy them, don't want my friends to know, but it makes me happy. wish my stockist sold safari horses though! they look so gorgeous! xxxx

You should not be ashamed at all! Animal replicas are extremely popular among grown-up collectors. I hope when I’m 80 and 90 and older I’m still buying these precious little figures, I love animals so much I don’t see how I could ever stop! ^///^

Why is mail order not an option for you? Please tell me it isn’t because you’re embarrassed about your family seeing them? It’s a perfectly respectable hobby! There is no reason not to share with your friends either… Seriously… I always tell all my friends and sometimes give them replicas too, I wear TOOB replicas as necklaces I make for myself, and if I go to a park to take photos of my animals, I will get on the ground with my camera for the best pics. And *that* does make me a bit self-conscious but in the end you gotta enjoy life and what you love… If it’s perfectly acceptable as an adult hobby to collect model trains and build dioramas with them, why not animal replicas?

Just do what you love!

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These photos feature part of Safari Ltd.’s 2011 line, which at the point these photos were taken, had not even been released anywhere online yet. It was a special privilege for me to be able to see these first hand.

Some where prototypes if I remember correctly —hence the “I’m Breakable!" signs.

Posted on Tuesday 4 June.

These are the dinosaur replicas I photographed, and a couple additional things of interest:

• The “Tyrant King” statue (which is of CONSIDERABLE size) is a “Safari Limited Edition Primal” and you can find more information on it here.

• The turtle/tortoise (someone please correct me, which is the right term here?) is a large statue they had on display as an ornament. Big enough to ride on if I remember correctly! ^_~ Or maybe it was a bit smaller, I just remember being impressed by the size of it.

My next photo sets will feature the pictures I took of their 2011 line display specifically. I hope you enjoyed it so far!

Posted on Tuesday 4 June with 3 notes.

More odds and ends from the photos I took during my second visit to Safari Ltd.

Posted on Tuesday 4 June with 2 notes.

Some pups, farm animals and a couple of (lop-eared, I believe?) TOOB bunnies by Safari Ltd.

Photos taken during my second visit my their company headquarters. 

Posted on Tuesday 4 June.

It’s a brand new day, and I hope it’s off to a good start for everyone! Before I head off to work I leave you with the first of today’s photo sets, featuring several Wildlife Wonders replicas by Safari Ltd. These too were taken at their conference room on my second visit there.

The beauty at the bottom is Safari’s Monterey Bay Humpback Whale. I don’t believe I have any marine life replicas in my collection… Next month my boyfriend is taking me to Seaworld and I’m wondering if they gift shops carry such products by Safari Ltd or Schleich? I’ll have to take a look. I don’t see these at the toy stores I frequent.

Don't apologize for posting so much! I love seeing the figures; there are so many that I never knew existed until you've posted them. c: I love your blog, keep posting!

Thank you so much! It makes me so happy to hear that. ;u; I’m really self conscious about potentially flooding people’s dashboards so this makes me feel a lot better. I’ll do my best to keep the posts of high quality! C:


Full Sneak, 2008

Pentax K-1000 SLR + expired 35mm Agfa Vista 400

This is an extremely lovely photo. Fox is by Schleich, judging from the original poster&#8217;s tags. 


Full Sneak, 2008

Pentax K-1000 SLR + expired 35mm Agfa Vista 400

This is an extremely lovely photo. Fox is by Schleich, judging from the original poster’s tags.